Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Youth Activating Serum+creme,30ml
A 2-in-1 youth activation formula for younger looking, nourished skin

Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Youth Activating Serum Plus Crème is a power-packed natural formula designed to breathe new life into aging skin. Created using the ground breaking ‘Green Science Technology’, this formulation is boosted with Gineplex Youth Compound derived from potent natural ingredients. This anti-wrinkle, nourishing formula not only reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also

Gineplex Youth Compund is created using the revolutionary ‘Green Science’ technology. It consists of the potent extracts of:


Ginseng is a natural ingredient which increases the regeneration capacity of skin cells making your skin feeling younger, more supple and radiant

Zingiber Officinale (Ginger)

Ginger extracts work naturally on your skin to reduce hypopigmented scars and reduce dark spots and blemishes, leaving you with even toned skin that glows.

Milk Peptides

Milk peptides nourish your skin from within and aid in the production of collagen which boost skin elasticity and infuse it with natural youth and vitality.

Benefits of Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Youth Activating Serum Plus Crème

This dual action youth activating serum plus crème is designed to have maximum impact right from the first application:

Soft, younger looking skin

This youth activating action formula delivers 10x Gineplex Youth Compound to the dermal layer of your skin, boosting production of collagen which improves skin elasticity. Every application hydrates tired skin and boosts it with vitality to make it look younger and healthier.

Smooth, Even Skin Tone

This natural anti-aging moisturizing formula reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemishes and evens out skin tone, to give you a smooth, radiant complexion..

Safe for sensitive skin

Created using the ground breaking ‘Green Science’ Technology, the Gineplex Youth Compound used in the unique formulation of this anti-wrinkle, anti-aging crème is derived from potent natural ingredients, making this product safe even for sensitive skin.

Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Youth Activating Serum+creme,30ml

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